Get Lessons From Taylor McIntosh

MANE is fortunate to work with Taylor McIntosh, one of the area’s most successful horse trainers. MANE has benefited from Taylor’s expertise in a variety of ways throughout the years, from taming and starting MANE’s very own wild Mustang, Sonora, to training the prized Gypsy Vanner, Swoopes.

Taylor has undoubtedly been an asset to MANE. He has also been instrumental in helping volunteers learn the ropes and grow in their knowledge and practice of horsemanship through clinics hosted here at MANE. Among the many invaluable lessons Taylor has taught volunteers are:

  • Confidence in leading and handling horses
  • Understanding equine body language
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Natural horsemanship techniques

Contact us to ask a staff member about upcoming clinics with Taylor!

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